Workplace bullying exists

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Although there are laws in place to protect employees, the dark side of human nature often prevails. Unfortunately, workplace bullying may go unreported out of fear of retaliation. When it comes to neurodiversity and protecting a person’s psychological safety at work, a proactive approach is required.

Workplace Bullying: It Can Happen Anywhere

One of the most profound experiences I’ve had with work based bullying occurred at a local hospital. I was presenting a training for nursing staff on the topic and there were approximately 30 people in attendance.

About an hour into the training, a nurse came up to me and apologized that she had to…

Breaking Free from the “Culture of Normal”

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For divergent thinkers, the pandemic provided an unexpected and unprecedented opportunity to thrive. Radical changes on campus and in the workplace were implemented across all sectors of the economy in response to the nationwide shutdown. With a sigh of relief, neurodivergent (ND) students and employees experienced the benefits of finally having their needs accommodated.

They no longer had to try to fit the mold that often caused them anxiety and stress, a mold that reduced their productivity. This mold was the ‘Culture of Normal’.

The ‘Culture of Normal’ forces neurodiverse thinkers to fit into a work culture that is often…

And Avoid Stigma, Labels and Discrimination

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Fostering diversity and promoting inclusion is an essential component of organizational culture. Most of us are familiar with diversity in gender, race, and physical disabilities. When I mention neurodiversity to people, most often the response is a puzzled look and a question.

“What is neurodiversity? I’ve not heard that term before.”

Neurodiversity is diversity of cognition: neurological differences in how the brain functions. Stated in plain language: Differences in how people think, process information, and communicate. Current interest in increasing innovation and problem solving on teams has this topic trending upwards. …

Different Thinkers Can Include Dyslexic, Autism, ADHD, etc.

“Neurodiversity is the diversity of human brains and minds the infinite variation in neurocognitive functioning within our species” Nick Walker

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We hire people like ourselves. This is an outward sign of unconscious and favorable bias towards people who are of the same race, education level, economic status, and values as the decision-maker. Kimberly Giles, Forbes Councils Member expands upon this concept in her article,

This bias creates an organization that is comfortable with the way it behaves. At times, changes to the status quo provoke hostility towards behavior or ideas that challenge…

And all three will improve everything in your life

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As both an educator and learning consultant, I have had the opportunity to work with businesses and organizations of all types. Time and again, I have heard the same thing from supervisors, HR departments, and executives across the board; a person’s ability to listen, communicate, and to plan effectively is fundamental to their success in the workplace.

You may be a gifted architect, a brilliant engineer, a genius when it comes to teaching, or have an amazing business plan, but without competence in these areas, you will find it challenging to advance in your career.

These types of soft skills…

Strategies to Overcome Insecurities About Learning at Work

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Do you see yourself in this person?

Twelve-year-old Joe frustrated his teachers. He had difficulty focusing on his work. He preferred to socialize with the students sitting next to him rather than getting his work done. He paid attention to the teacher for about 10 minutes and then was off gazing into space. He struggled to remember what he’d been taught and more importantly he couldn’t seem to implement what he learned to complete his work or pass tests.

“Joe is intelligent and wants to do a good job, but he just does not apply himself, especially when he’s required to learn information that he thinks is…

Test-taking tips for adults

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Test-taking doesn’t end with graduation: You will likely have to take a test at some point in your career — whether you’re pursuing additional degrees or certifications, or your job requires periodic evaluations.

The great thing is that the skills needed to excel at tests can be used to help improve how you work, how you learn, and how you continue improving your skills throughout your life.

When we store information in long-term memory, it’s filed away by rules, procedures, pairs, and categories. There are two ways to access that information: recall and recognition.

Recall and Recognition

Recall is being able to remember…


How to Manage Time and Increase Efficiency

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Do you dread the start of each workday? Do you feel overwhelmed or unsure of what to tackle first? You can overcome much of that stress with these tried-and-true time management methods.

1. Use visual timers. Pomodoro and other timing methods make it much easier to get focused for set periods of time. If you are someone who has trouble concentrating for long periods, then don’t! Focus for short periods instead.

2. Revamp your note-taking. Instead of just jotting notes in a list down a lined page, try different methods of note-taking that help prioritize tasks and ideas. For example…

Do you have difficulty remembering information? Most people do. Here are 12 sure-fire ways to boost your memory.

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1. Use visual clues.

Susan A. Fitzell

Susan Gingras Fitzell, M.Ed., CSP is an expert learning strategist bridging the organizational learning gap. Learn more:

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